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Beautiful Ankara Styles For You 2019

In African countries such as Nigeria. Ankara is the in thing and also becoming a trending habit for men and women. Now Ankara materials are not just for dresses anymore, ladies make them into bangles, bags, and shoes you name it. Getting those handcrafted dresses for occasions like weddings, birthday, …

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Heard about black braid hairdo? Or do you have any idea on where it originated from? Black braids are not just hairstyles smart girls created to make them trendy among their circle. Rather, it has great social significance in some parts of the world. Black braids hairstyles are old forms …

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Gorgeous Nails Art Collection

There is one thing I can’t resist and that is beautiful looking nails. Even though getting your nail designs could mean you won’t be able to use your hands to do some things like; opening soda cans, doing the laundry or dialing numbers on phone. I just can’t stop loving …

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