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Long Hairstyles With Bangs I Think You Should Try

Bangs frame our face and give an opportunity for change. And you can still have them while keeping your natural length intact. It’s like finding your middle ground without breaking your devotion to long, lustrous locks and desire for going short. Long hairstyles with bangs are here to stay. So …

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If you are on natural hair, I don’t think there is any need for weaves and wigs. I radically display my natural hair! However, something evolved. I got to see some Ghana weavings and I desired to make one of these beautiful hairstyles. Perplexed about what hairstyle to make? Do …

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Beautiful Short Curly Hairstyles For You

If you’re tired of your long braids, get some ideas from these beautiful short curly bob headdresses. Whether or not your hair is curly naturally or straight or someplace in between, the short hairdo can be accomplished. From tousled bob to practical lob, basically, most women are into chopping off …

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As a new member of the natural hair society, I understand the strains involved when taking care of natural hair. It’s quite easy to get downcasted and retort to using relaxers again. But I say to you, the moment you fall in love with your curl pattern, there is no …

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A Perfect Guide For Wedding Hair Color Ideas

Wedding time is no time for any kind of experiments, i know you agree with me on that. Bride or Groom, either one of them would prefer to be absolutely sure that their choice of outfit is perfect, accessories or style at least just for that day. But i will …

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